Criminal Defence Law

Our defense lawyers are committed to defending people who are charged with criminal offences or are facing other serious allegations. We are an Edmonton-based law firm that practices throughout Alberta, western Canada, and the Northwest Territories. Our attorneys have spent years helping people at all stages of the criminal process, including:

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Immigration & Citizenship

We assess your immigration matters based on your own individual circumstances and can guide, assist and deal with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your behalf to get you the necessary results you want without all of the confusion and rejection that often comes with trying to deal with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your own.

Immigration Lawyers

Family Law

There are no quick and easy solutions for the typical family law dispute, but the entire dispute resolution process is easier when you have the expert support of an Edmonton family law lawyer from Shawar Law

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Edmonton Immigration Lawyers

We give people the best service and find solutions for problems. We will not turn people away without an answer

Eric Shawar – Voted the Best Edmonton Immigration Lawyer * * * * *

Eric Shawar has been helping clients to become citizens and permanent residents of Canada for more than 8 years, and his clients voted for his firm with 5 stars in every review. 

if you have any immigration issue or you just need to ask a question, Mr. Shawar offers direct consultation with him by phone, that gives him the ability to check your case and give the right advice even before you hire him.

Mr. Shawar is an awesome lawyer! He was able to get me my PR back when everyone else said it was an impossible case. He approached the case from several different angles and really thought beyond the obvious. He is brilliant, dedicated and willing to spend time working with different authorities to make it happen. I highly recommend this lawyer!

Adam Diab
Edmonton, AB