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Temporary Resident

Visit – Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

Who needs a temporary resident permit (TRP)

A Temporary Resident Permit, also known as a TRP, is a document allowing inadmissible applicants to visit Canada or continue residing in the country (if already present in Canada). TRP is issued to a person if their need to come to Canada outweighs the risk of being in Canada. For example, an individual might be granted a TRP for a visit to Canada if the trip is work-related and that person’s presence in Canada will be beneficial to the country or its citizens.

How long can a TRP holder stay in Canada

A temporary resident permit is usually issued for the length of the applicant’s intended visit to Canada. For example, 1 week to attend a conference. They must leave Canada by the permit’s expiry date or get a subsequent permit before their current one expires.

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