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PRRA Application

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment application (PRRA)
a. What is a PRRA for?
In some cases, you may be eligible to apply for a pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA) if you’re being removed from Canada.

PRRAs are used to make sure you’re not being removed to a country where:
• you would be in danger of torture
• you would be at risk of persecution
• there would be a risk to your life or of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

b. Who can apply for a PRRA?
A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer tells you if you’re eligible. They only check to see if you’re eligible after they start the removal process. They also check to see if the 12-month waiting period applies to you. In most cases, a 12-month waiting period applies if
• you abandon or withdraw your refugee claim, or the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) rejects it
• you abandon or withdraw another PRRA application, it is refused.
• the Federal Court refuses your attempt to have your refugee claim or PRRA decision reviewed

If the 12-month waiting period applies, you won’t be eligible to submit a PRRA application until the waiting period is over.

If you already made a refugee claim in another country
Canada has an information-sharing arrangement with
• Australia
• New Zealand
• the United States
• the United Kingdom

If you made a refugee claim in one of these countries, your claim can’t be referred to the IRB.
However, you may still be eligible for a PRRA.
Who’s not eligible for a PRRA You can’t apply for a PRRA if you
• made a refugee claim that was ineligible because of the Safe Third Country Agreement
• were found to be a Convention refugee in another country that you can go back to
• are a protected person and already have refugee protection in Canada
• are subject to extradition

c. How to apply for a PRRA?
If you’re eligible, a CBSA officer will give you an application form and instruction guide. You’ll be able to apply for a PRRA before being removed from Canada.

You must complete the form and submit your application in
• 15 days, if you get the forms in person
• 22 days, if you get the form and the guide in the mail

You will not be removed from Canada until
• you tell IRCC that you don’t plan to apply for a PRRA
• you miss the application deadline
• IRCC refuses your PRRA application
• you withdraw or abandon your PRRA application

Step 1: Complete your application
With your application, include a letter to explain the risk you would face if you leave Canada and
documents or evidence to demonstrate that risk.

Step 2: Submit your application
Your complete application can be submitted online or by post. Regardless of how you submit it, you must ensure the application deadline is met, or your removal order won’t be stayed.