Are you applying for immigration to Canada under Humanitarian Compassionate class? Looking for a Lawyer to help you in the Application? then you are in the right place.

Applying under Humanitarian Compassionate Application to gain permanent residency in Canada is long process and multiple factors can be used to in the approval decision like

  • how settled the you are in Canada.
  • do you have any family ties to Canada.
  • the best interests of any children involved, and
  • what could happen to the applicant if the request is not granted.

and there some restriction can apply if you are “irregular arrival”  then you have to note the following:

You cannot apply for H&C until five years have passed since:

  • the day you became a designated foreign national, and/or
  • the IRB made a final negative decision on your refugee claim, and/or
  • you got a negative decision on a pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA).

in Case of all of these difficulties you can contact any of our immigration lawyers  in Edmonton and they can help you.


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