For the most part, immigration law is covered by lawyers in their own individual practices, independently of larger law firms. The following guidelines will help you find a good immigration lawyer:

Referrals / References: satisfied clients are the best references, and a really good lawyer will get excellent references from former clients. A reputable lawyer will also provide references from previous clients to potential clients.

Immigration Decision Canada or Not
Immigration to Canada
  • Experience: a specialized immigration lawyer should have at least ten years of experience in immigration law, giving him the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the complexities of immigration law, and the expertise to overcome the complications that may arise in more challenging cases.
  • Contract: The Professional Order of Lawyers requires a detailed written contract between a lawyer and his client. This contract protects both lawyers and clients.


  • Initial Assessments: A good lawyer should be able to fully clarify the application process, verbally or in writing, and reputable practices do a thorough initial assessment.


  • Internet: Most lawyers maintain an internet presence, advertising on their websites and through social media, but good lawyers include comprehensive information and detailed analyses on their websites, reflecting their expertise. Some lawyers also offer free assessments on their websites, giving you an idea of your chances before you apply to immigrate.

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