Are you looking to apply to get your Canadian Citizenship and you need help? are you in a rush and you need an Immigration Lawyer in Edmonton to help you? are you facing criminal charges and you been ordered to leave Canada and you are going to loose your Permanent resident status? if you answered any of the these questions with yes probably you need to read this article.


before you fill Canada Citizenship Application check if you satisfy the conditions  below


First are you a permanent resident 18 years of age or older ?

then you must qualify to the following :

  • have lived in Canada for at least three of the four years before you apply,
  • be able to communicate (read, write and speak) in English or French (if you are 55 years of age or older, this does not apply), and
  • know about Canada and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship (if you are 55 years of age or older, this does not apply).

If you have a criminal record, are facing criminal charges or have been ordered to leave Canada, better to call one of our immigration lawyers to help you in this case.

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