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Why should you apply for Canadian citizenship and not keep renewing your PR status?

Advantages of Canadian citizenship over permanent resident status of Canada:

• Dual citizenship

Canada recognizes dual citizenship. If your country of origin does so too, you can be dual
citizens of both countries and are protected by laws of both countries.
• No residency obligation to maintain status
For permanent residents of Canada, to be able to keep your permanent resident status, you
have the obligation to be physically presented in Canada for 730 days within a period of 5
years. Becoming a Canadian citizen will give you the advantage of freely choosing to live
wherever you want for whatever period of time you desire.
• Canadian passport
Canadian passport power is ranked 17 globally in 2020 (source: This
means that Canadian passport holders has visa-free access to a significant number of
countries in the world.
• Any employment without restrictions
Currently, permanent residents are not allowed to be employed in some positions with highlevel security clearance at the federal level). However, by obtaining Canadian citizenship, it
will give you the advantage of having any employment at any level without restrictions.
• Right to vote or run for political office
If you would like to participate in Canada politics, Canadian citizenship will allow you to do so.
Permanent residents of Canada do not have the right to vote or run for political office.
• Right of citizenship at birth for children born outside of Canada
You can pass down your Canadian citizenship to your children if they are born outside of
Canada. To get proofs of citizenship for your children, you can simply apply for Canadian
citizenship certificates. Children born outside of Canada to permanent residents of Canada do
not have this right.
• A secured status that is not easy to lose or be revoked
By becoming a Canadian citizen, you do not have to be bounded by any obligation to maintain
your status like permanent residents do. In addition, in the worse scenario, Canadian
citizenship is harder to be revoked as compared to a permanent resident status.
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